Large Scale Accelerator Deployment and Automation

Specialized in FPGA based acceleration for Crypto-Currency Mining.

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NextScale Automation Framework manages and monitors FPGA farms of upwards of 500+ devices to minimize downtime and enhance performance.

  • Enhances utilization and minimizes downtime
  • Locally installed framework on a physical set of machines, as a result it cannot be DDOSed.
  • Real time fail detection & resolution
  • Utilizes industry standard infrastructure in addition to in-house intelligent services.
  • Optional on and off-site support
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NextTools are tools utilized within the NextScale Automation Framework that have been forked to cater towards consumers.


NextJTAG is a standalone command line utility used for accessing Xilinx FPGAs over USB. It supports basic operations, such as checking the temperature and loading bitstreams.

  • Querying Device DNAs of attached FGPAs
  • Loading bitstreams in parallel
  • Clearing/Reloading the currently loaded bitstream

Supported Xilinx FPGAS

  • XCVU9P (VCU1525, BCU1525, BTU9P)
  • More coming soon!

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